25th September 2021


Guitar and Violin workshop
led by Mitchell and Vincent

10.30-11.30 – Carey Hall

A combined guitar and violin focused workshop which will look at instrumental playing ideas (including making music with other people) alongside more detailed techniques and thoughts on Guitar and Violin playing.

The violin side will focus on style and tone when playing traditional music. The guitar side will focus on adding variety to accompaniments (particularly how simple chord shapes can open up the fret-board) and tune playing using traditional music as the base.

Combining both instruments into one workshop means we can learn from each other and also provides an opportunity to see how some of the ideas talked about can work in practice.

Both Graham and David are trained luthiers as well as musicians so there will be some talk about how the instruments are made as well as played through the workshop. Open to all.

Introducing the Hammer Dulcimer and Hurdy Gurdy
led by Damian Clarke

12.00-1.00 – URC

He will start by explaining some of the background to the instruments, playing some short examples, taking questions and then finally giving participants the chance to play on the instruments.

If people already have an instrument, he encourages them to bring them along so that others can see a wider range of types and make comparisons.

Damian has information on hiring Dulcimers and where to get hold of a good quality instrument, costs, learning resources etc. Damian is a qualified teacher and has experience as a music teacher.